Spezialisten in der plattformunabhängigen Applikationsentwicklung

Specialists in the development of plattform-independent applications

Spécialistes dans le développement d'applications indépendantes de la plate-forme

متخصّصون في تطوير التّطبيقات المستقلّة عن البرنامج

We're launching our worldwide acting company from Grombalia in Tunisia in February 2020!

Core team as of March 2020:

Chahine Brini, Dipl.-Inf.

Partner and CTO

Email: chahine.brini@innovative-informations-systemtechnik.com

Mobile: +49 1783079286

Karim Amara, M.Sc.

Partner and COO

Email: karim.amara@innovative-informations-systemtechnik.com

Mobile: +49 15901459561

Address for visitors:

Place du 14 Janvier 2011 

1er étage, Bureau Numéro 2

8030 Grombalia


Note: Common waiting room with a doctor and a lawyer.

See the red dot on the map below.

For further informations please contact: management@innovative-informations-systemtechnik.com

Best regards,

Noureddine Ouertani and the rest of the Innovative Informations-Systemtechnik team